Welcome to Kvantum Energy

Our motto is "We will supply energy for you and your business" and we follow it during all of our activities.

I founded Kvantum Energy s.r.o. with the aim of providing private investors with comprehensive counseling in the area of energetics in relation with administrative tasks associated with the preparation of energy buildings, ranging from minor private projects up to large technological units. Over time, me and my team of colleagues have extended our activities by the addition of project design including the handling of cadastral proceedings. We then followed up on this by offering complete turnkey projects for energy construction, where we also offer subsequent administration and energy transfer optimization after these enter into operation – both for new as well as existing customers. Today we provide comprehensive services, from initial designs up to the actual launch of energy units.

Petr Pětioký
Company executive

Why choose Kvantum Energy?

I’ll be happy to explain that in person.

Certificates and authorizations

years of practice in the field
satisfied clients
successful projects


  • Complete engineering during the connection of collection points to the distribution system on both the high and low voltage levels, including local distribution systems
  • Communication with distribution companies
  • Complex solution during changes of current collection points (change of technical solution, change of collection parameters, change of supplier of the power electricity etc).
  • Choice of suitable supplier for generation of electricity, including organization of tenders
  • Administration and optimization of new as well as existing collection of electricity on both the high and low voltage levels
  • Professional technical supervision during construction
  • Investor supervision during construction
  • Securing of project designs for energy construction projects
  • Complete engineering during the securing of construction permits and negotiation with public administration
  • Representation of investors during the above-specified proceedings based on a full warrant of authority
  • Construction of transformer stations and energy units
  • Securing of power delivery for the duration of construction – both low-voltage and high-voltage power supply (setup and lease of construction switchboards for transformer stations)
  • Complete preparation and realization of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Teaching/lecturing and training activities
  • Revision activities


Latest references

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